Our Professional Team

Photo of Irene Menchaca-Booth (paralegal/office manager)

Irene Menchaca-Booth

Irene Menchaca-Booth did not intend to work in an immigration law office.  Brushing up on her office skills at a temp agency, she was asked to fill in for another worker who had failed to show up at a client’s office.  The office was Mautino and Mautino, and the rest is history.

The year was 1996, and Irene was a newlywed who relocated to San Diego from her native Chicago with her husband, Bob.  Irene has a background in administration, rising to International Services Coordinator for USG, at the time a major corporate presence in downtown Chicago.   In 1990, she moved to The Wyatt Company, an actuary and consulting firm, where, among other things, she was responsible for event planning.  Irene was so well respected by Wyatt, that the company offered to create a new Marketing Event Planner position for her at their La Jolla, California offices.  Instead, Irene decided that she wanted a job that would allow her to focus on her new husband and building a life with him.  After taking a few months off, Irene decided that she needed to brush up on her office skills before submitting resumes. 

Irene quickly decided that she liked immigration law, and she grew with the firm, starting as a receptionist, and growing to her current position as Senior Paralegal.  With more than 25 years working for the same firm, Irene has seen it all, from the old Western Hemisphere Priority Date program, to employment visas and family based green card applications, naturalization and citizenship.

Still in love with her husband, Irene is very involved with her local church, where her husband serves as a Deacon.

Irene speaks Spanish and English.


Brian BUSTOS Rodriguez

Brian Bustos Rodriguez learned at an early age that bad immigration advice can lead to drastic consequences. When Brian was a young child, relatives hired a legal representative who failed to let them know of a required immigration court date, and they were ordered deported. The husband died suddenly, and the only advice the widowed wife got was to move to Tijuana, Mexico and the representative would help her find housecleaning jobs. Years later, on the verge of being deported, the relative found an attorney who reopened the immigration court case and helped her receive permanent resident status.

A native of San Diego, Brian attended local schools before going to the University of California, Santa Barbara, and graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Global and International studies. After graduating, Brian received a certificate as a Small Computer Specialist, and started looking around for what to do next. In 2016, a relative asked him if he would be willing to fill in as a bilingual receptionist while the firm of Mautino and Mautino looked for someone permanent.

Brian found himself very interested in the complexities of immigration law and ended up staying with the firm. He is now a Legal Assistant, regularly helping with cases, and always curious about how exceptions and strange quirks in the law can be used to help individuals remain in the United States legally and permanently.

In addition to English and Spanish, Brian speaks some French.